Michael He

Mechanical Engineer

Web Developer

My goal is to combine my Mechanical engineering knowledge and computer science background to create specialized software.

About Me




Hi there! I’m Michael He, a Mechanical EIT who graduated from the University of Alberta.

I’m continually learning and always excited to apply my knowledge to find innovative solutions to real-world issues. My dream is to utilize my mechanical engineering and software development skills to create applications that can solve engineering problems.

I also enjoy web development as a hobby.

Quaecumque vera


In 2012 I enrolled at the University of Alberta for a Neuroscience degree. I learned that my passion lies with engineering and computer science, so I switched to the Faculty of Engineering in 2015. I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2020, focused on computer science. My goal is to combine my mechanical engineering knowledge and computer science background to create specialized software.

What I can do

Skill Sets

Mechanical Engineering

I have extensive experience in solid modelling using SolidWorks. I modelled pumps, remote control vehicles, and a wheelchair ergometer. I am skilled with AutoCAD and drew floor plans and HVAC systems. I have conducted finite element analysis with Star-CCM+.

Computer Science

I have used Python extensively for data analysis, web scraping, and automation. I am an experienced web developer, where I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Vue, Next, and Express to design custom websites.

Where I worked


I work in various industries, including oil and gas, construction, and education in the public and private sectors. At CANEIL, I dealt with overpressure protection by system design for Suncor plants. At Syncrude, I worked as a reliability engineer, dealing with rotating equipment. At the Department of National Defense, I conducted renewable energy research and managed building upgrade projects.


Web Development

Web development is a hobby of mine, so I started a small web development business with my friends called Citrus Web Development (CWD). At CWD, we showcase the best your business has to offer. We design your website with your business stories and goals in mind by getting to know you and what you aim to achieve with your website. Your website will be unique because Citrus develops it from scratch and your ideas are at the forefront.

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Engineering Projects

Check out some of the projects I was a part of!